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3 Guidelines for Excellent Social Media Customer Service

Barbara Harris

There are dozens of reasons to use social media for your business, and an increasingly common one is for customer service. But anyone who responds to customers on a social media platform needs to be adept in the skill of social media delivery in order to protect your fragile online reputation, while also providing first-rate customer service.

Below we’ll look at four simple ways you can create particularly strong customers experiences of the kind that will ultimately inspire both brand loyalty and peer recommendations.

Provide Individual Experiences

One of the more significant benefits of providing customer service through social media is the ability to interact with people faster than ever before. This allows you to hear a problem for the first time and solve it in only a few minutes. Dealing with these issues in a public forum is ultimately beneficial for you, the person you’re working with, and anyone else sharing the same issue. Of course that means you’ll need to provide more of a solution than “please call”, but for those willing to put in the effort, the rewards are great.

Pay Attention

Anytime you ask someone to join you on a social media page, you’re essentially extending an invitation to an ongoing conversation. What’s important to remember here is that conversations require a two way interaction. Fortunately, this is often much easier than it sounds. If you want to create ongoing customer relationships, it’s important to be attentive to customer concerns as they arise, which means paying attention to your social media page during business hours.

In a world where social media marketing and brand pages are increasingly automated, this kind of behavior truly stands out. One of the Internet’s leaders in customer service is Netflix, has earned itself a sterling reputation for resolving customer issues immediately. Take a look through the Netflix stream on Twitter and you’ll find dozens of examples of rapid problem-solving, and more importantly, of praises to Netflix for their help.

Stay Active

One of the most important ingredients for creating strong relationships between you and your customers is reliability. In the sphere of social media, this means keeping your profile consistently active and lively. Anytime a customer searches for your business on Facebook, they have the opportunity to see either a thriving community dedicated to sharing valuable information and problem solving, a business it appreciates its audience, or an utterly deserted page that leads them with the perception that this business doesn’t value their online community. Abandoned pages are also less likely to attract customer interaction, meaning temporary inactivity on your page can snowball into a much larger problem.

Are you making yourself memorable when customers interact with you? How does a customer feel after having an online conversation with you? Regardless of if someone is complaint is airing a complaint or giving a complement, people just want to know that they are being heard. If you take the time to listen and interact with your customers, you demonstrate that you appreciate them, positioning you to grow and maintain those thriving relationships.

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