Katharine is a content editor for Website Planet. She left the D.C. consultancy world to freelance full time and see the world. She is currently “slow traveling” through SE Asia.

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Are You Talking Aloud? Or Is Talking Allowed? Watch What You Write, to Make Sure it’s Right

Homophones, they are everywhere. Words that look the same and/or sound the same can easily be confused. For example, if you invite people over and tell them to bring their palates/palettes, they won’t know whether they should expect to be drinking wine or painting! And while this can lead to some funny misunderstandings amongst friends, in the business world it can cause...

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5 Most Weird (& FUNNY) Fiverr Gigs Revealed in 2023

The rise of the gig economy over the past few years has been epic. More and more freelancers from around the world are making money from talents that can be done remotely. And while it can be really tempting to try to find a way to leave your nine to five – especially during that awful Monday morning commute – you might get stuck wondering what it is you could actually...

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Review: Working as a Freelancer on Upwork

When I was starting out as a full-time freelancer, I signed up for three of the biggest players: Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Fiverr. I created profiles, scouted out the competition, got used to the interface, and sought out as much work as possible. At this point, Upwork is pretty much the only platform that I use; I personally believe that the quality of clients and projects...

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5 Major Reasons More People Are Choosing the Freelance Lifestyle

Sure, quitting your day job and traveling the world sounds amazing. But wanderlust is not why U.S. freelancers are expected to outnumber traditional nine to five office employees in the next decade. It’s easy to list off a number of reasons as to why individuals may prefer to work remotely: less time commuting, more flexible schedule, the ability to be one’s own boss, etc...

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