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Weebly For Education

Weebly have done a fantastic job of helping to bring website creation to the masses with their website builder over the past years, by reaching out to those basic individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to create a professional looking site and build an online presence. However, Weebly are more than just a service provider to individuals and small businesses, they also run a Weebly for Education program which we wanted to talk more about today.


The idea of this service is to help bridge the gap between teacher, student and parents by providing a creative platform where students can learn the fundamentals of building a website, whilst frequent blog updates help parents keep up-to-date with homework and key events on the schools calendar.

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Get More Followers on Twitter: Four Strategies that Work

You know that you need more followers on Twitter, but can’t seem to get that number to rise. Having a significant amount of Twitter followers helps you boost your online presence, SEO efforts, and plays an integral role in any Internet marketing plan.


Start making Twitter work for you with these four strategies that are guaranteed to get you noticed and followed.

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Our Top 6 Tips for Social Media Updates – Don’t Miss These!

Do you find yourself struggling to find ideas for posts on social media platforms? Creating unique content for multiple platforms hundreds of times a year can drive even the most prolific content creator to writer’s block.

social network

Thankfully, there are a few staples of social media posting that you can always fall back on when you’re struggling to keep up with demand for new content. Below you’ll find a variety of types of posts you can use to help you produce an almost endless quantity of social media updates.

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Why is Black Hat SEO Still Around?

There was a time when webmasters could easily game search engines into giving their pages a higher ranking than they deserved. Simple tricks like keyword stuffing, hidden text and spamming the Web with links to the target site were quite effective in securing a spot at the top of the search results.

Why is Black Hat SEO Still Around

More sophisticated search algorithms have rendered many search engine optimization (SEO) techniques obsolete, however. For years, “black hat” SEO tactics have been a surefire way to get a site downgraded — or even de-listed — by search engines. Even so, black hat SEO techniques such as link spam and hidden text still persist. While they’re ultimately toxic to a page’s search ranking, they sometimes provide a temporary boost which can be exploited by unscrupulous SEO practitioners.

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